NAME: DZP-500 S automatic tool packing

Performance features

 It is a new packing equipment that was improved,innovated and researched successfully by our technicians. It employs man-machine interface, PLC control, encoders support, touch screen operation and automatic counter are employed. And thus its route is adjustable. It works precisely with convenience of operation. Equipped with a friction wheel decelerator mechanical progressive speed regulation, it can work stably. It is applicable for packing with different specifications with paper, featuring in convenience of operation, durability, sanitation and hygiene. It is equipped with a safety emergency stop device to ensure the emergency measure, which has increased the operating safe coefficient. It is a good packing equipment.

Main performances:
PVC tray former, automatic wasting-material recycler,  automatic feeder, synchronous batch printer, automatic tasters.
Applicable scope: 
It is applicable for paper-plastic packing articles of daily use, stationery, minor hardware, cosmetics, medicines, as well as battery, toothbrush, pens, glues, plug base, bearing, etc. to improve the grade of the finished products.

Technical specification: 




Packing material

PVC hard piece 0.15-0.35)×430mm

Paper board  200g-700g (according to customers’ design)

Applicable Requirements

Pressure  0.6-0.8Mpa

Air consumption quantity 0.33m/min

Power consumption

380v50Hz 8kw


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