Blister packaging of several common faults
time:2015-11-19 05:05:05
ee more defect food blister packaging machine box several disadvantages:
Lack of food blister box packing injection, overflow, dent and bubble, a seam, crisp, plastic color, silver, pattern and flow mark, food blister box gate opacity, warping and shortening of products, product specifications are not allowed to paste, paste a mould products, material flow, nozzle salivate.
Food blister box packaging using the trick:
Food blister box during storage should be stored in relatively cool, ventilated, dry indoor warehouse, the temperature is below 40 degrees. Interval of heat not less than 2.5 M, can't deposit together with toxic materials. Under normal conditions of storage shelf life from the production date for June 30 (three years).
Food blister packaging inspection basic common sense:
Thermoforming ? rules the size of this specification
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