The operation of paper-plastic packaging machine
time:2015-10-20 01:56:39

1, when used to connect the power source, the output power line and the workbench is installed, the user can need according to the product, with all kinds of mold, workbench leave work power terminal, red for positive, black for negative power supply, and good earthed.

2, work at the front desk will close the power switch, and then in turn on the heating time, heating current (0 to 7), and the cooling time, cooling time is longer than heating time commonly 1/3 to 2/3 seconds.

3, setting time, controller on the control panel to find work. At this point, the workbench of induction, not on the proximity switch. Press SET 1 press the key or keys to adjust the heating time, under the SET after heating; Press SET again, SET 2 road cooling time, press SET again for 3 road, after the completion of 3 road SET to 0.1 S, press SET again, instrument automatic display 1, 2, 3, the time value of the road, will begin to work normally.

4, the working process of the product, in the workbench of the silicon surface, then rotate the workbench, the workbench part at this time contact close to switch, heat sealing, after waiting for briquetting reset, said the work is done for the first time.

5, sharp increase switch, when press block down and cannot rise, press the pressure for the sharp rise switch then rise, stop in place, then close the sharp increase switch, if you don't switch off sharp increase switch, the machine will not work properly.

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